Toshiba Memory is now Kioxia. Toshiba invented the world’s first flash memory in 1984.  Since the introduction of NAND flash memory in 1987, Toshiba has led the world with its cutting-edge technology and mass production. 

  • Embedded NAND Flash Memory SLC NAND, BENAND™, eMMC, and SmartNAND for various applications in embedded systems like consumer electronics, industrial applications, mobile devices, etc.

  • NAND Flash Memory in Multi-Chip Package (MCP) Storage solution for mobile devices or other products with limited space to mount memories.

  • OEM Memory Cards.

  • Retail memory cards and USB sticks 

  • Solid State Drives (SSD)

IoT Security Solution CYTHEMIS™


CYTHEMIS™ secures and visualizes infrastructure control systems and industrial production systems in one single control platform. Also, legacy equipment without built-in security mechanisms is protected.


PRODRONE manufactures and provides the world's top industrial drone for UAV service providers around the world. Reliable, Functional, and Safe: You can fulfill your request with fully customizable UAV such as ODM or mass-production supply by fully custom engineered development specific to the customers’ requirements. PRODRONE will always offer the "Japan Quality" products for UAV serviceS.

SoftBank Robotics is driving technology forward by becoming a worldwide leader in robotics solutions. With more than 500 employees working in Paris, Tokyo, San Francisco, Boston, and Shanghai, SoftBank Robotics is constantly exploring and commercializing all robotics solutions that help make people's lives easier, safer, more connected, and more extraordinary.

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