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about us 

Premium Representation, Marketing, Consultancy & Engineering
28th in Service Exporter by Revenue 2015 in the Turkish IT Industry
25 Years of Experience in IT Industry in Emerging Markets 

More than 25 years of experience.

Deep knowledge at the local level representation of the Storage and Semiconductor industry in emerging markets with global experience.

What we do


We are a representation company
which experienced both
business and engineering 
Serving to KIOXIA (ex-Toshiba Memory)  in emerging
markets since 2006 with an entrepreneurial approach.

We Make Difference

  • Ace makes difference in emerging markets

  • We make technology business expansion to emerging market with our connections & engineering experience

  • ​An entrepreneurial approach is our key differentiation

  • We are serving to Kioxia (eX Toshiba Electronics) since 2006

  • We proud of our connections, engineering support & 30years of experience



No 50-300-3090

ID 104979037

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